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Evergreen buys and sells sawdust and bark to end customers. For customers within a 100 mile range of Chapman, Alabama, we can provide 28 tons, 66,000 pounds, of sawdust to you for $1000 per load. For distances beyond this, we can also provide it but the cost will be dependent on how far it is being shipped.

For bark, we are proud to offer hardwood bark $750 per load of 26 tons, 52,000 pounds, (bark is not as dense as sawdust).

Loads are unloaded with a walking floor trailer which does not require any work on your part. It unloads itself.


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Evergreen Forest Products, Inc.
9183 Mobile Rd
Greenville, AL 36037
Phone: (334) 382-2297
Fax: (334) 382-3253

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