Welcome to Evergreen Forest Products!

Evergreen Forest Products specializes in the purchase, sale and shipment of wood products for the pulp and paper industry. As contract carriers of forest products, we also handle wood fiber products such as bark, shavings, dust and boiler fuel.

Evergreen Operates a fleet of 45 trucks and over 112 chip trailers including walking-floor trailers which have the ability to unload almost anywhere. We are always looking to expand to smartly expand our reach. If you want us to bid on any work delivering wood products in Alabama or Georgia, let us know. We always have jobs available for truckers and shop personnel. If interested, please fill out a Job Application.

Evergreen also participates in industrial wood waste recycling. As the cost of landfill disposal continues to increase, recycling has become an economical and practical alternative.

Evergreen operates throughout the southeastern US. We have built a reputation of dependable service, and continue to be innovators in the production and transportation of bio-mass materials.

Mailing Address and Phone

Evergreen Forest Products, Inc.
9183 Mobile Rd
Greenville, AL 36037
Phone: (334) 382-2297
Fax: (334) 382-3253

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